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Dry Steam Generator

Technical data:Power 3-6-9-12 kW & Volt 220-380

Description and instructions:

A water reservoir is attached on the machine. Fill this up with tap water.

Turn on the main switch and wait until the pressure rises. The steam machine has a pump and an electronic water level control system. When the level inside the machine drops the pump switches on it fills it up again. This does not affect the operation of the machine. The steam flow is continuous.

As soon as the machine fills with water, it starts getting warm and the pressure increases up to 12 atm.

On the top of the machine there are two steam outlets. According to your production needs you can also add a steam iron.
During the function the machine takes in water automatically so its function is continuous

TSOP Steam Machine ensures d guarantees no liquid water drops inside the steam to prevent damage of the fur.

TSOP Portable Steam Machine

A lightweight design that offers great quality of dry steam, absolutely no liquid water present.
It has electromagnetic valve for fast and easy steam flow control.
Easy to carry with only 10 Kgr of weight, compact dimensions and practical shape.
Up to 4 hours of dry steam working time at each filling.
No installation required, 220 Volt, 2 KW of power. Just plug it to a wall soccet.
Professional results at minimum cost.

Technical data:Power: 220 Volt, 2 kW & Capacity: 5 liters
Pressure: <8 atm
Weight: 10 Kgr

Safety characteristics: Temperature control switch, pressure control switch, pressure relief valve.

Fur Coat Cleaning Machine

General description:

Drum Cleaning Machine it offers excellent cleaning and softening of the hair and skin without the use of any chemicals.
It comes in two main types: Open type and Closed Type.
Closed type: Is made completely out of wood. It is suitable for use with sawdust. After the process is finished then you can replace the doors with “open type” so that the dust and particles are removed.
Open Type: It is made out of steel that has holes on it so that all the dust particles and hair are removed out of the barrel faster. It is not suitable for use with sawdust but it offers bettr and faster cleaning and softening results. Optional: For both types there is the option to place a vacuum mechanism that will remove the particles from the inside of the barrel and will place them in a filter-bag. This reduces the time of the process and does not allow the dust particles to spread around the working environment.

Put the coats inside the barrel. Select the time you want to work (average 30-180 minutes). Turn on the air vacuum (optional). When the time you selected passes, the machine will automatically stop. Then you can open the doors and remove the clean coats. If during the cycle you choose to open the outer door of the machine the machine will automatically stop for safety reasons. You can close the door and the operation will continue normally. The number of the coats you can put inside depends on the machine’s capacity

Technical Data (Fur Coat Cleaning Machine)

DA 801-210595115
DA1104-5 14575 150
DA120 7-8 150 75 160
DA1408-10170 75175
DA17012-15 19075200
DDA17515+15 190 190200
DA200 16-20 215 113240

Shearing Machine

Decades of experience and our profound knowledge of fur-coat manufacturing offer the best solution to the needs of the modern furrier.
Shearing requires proper attention to each individual skin. TSOP Shearing Machine offers the greatest quality by giving absolute control at the cutting point.
TSOP Shearing Machine adjustments are easy and quick and do not require a high degree of expertise. It can shear down to 1mm from the skin.
It has been developed and tested in co-operation with highly skilled and experienced furriers until reaching perfection.
It is suitable for all kinds of skins and has been tested with the following: Mink, Rabbit, Nutria, Beaver, Muskrat, Sheep, Raccoon, Fox, Seal.
It occupies very little space and is very easily installed.
TSOP Shearing machine offers a great advantage to the modern furrier enabling you to develop your unique shearing designs and patterns.

Technical Specifications:
1,3 KW Shearing Motor 2 x 0,75 KW Vacuum Motors 380 Volt Maximum Shearing Width: Model KA35 : 35 cm Model KA65 : 65 cm Model KA85: 85 cm
Model KA125: 125 cm
Dimensions (cm) KA35 : 60 x 60 x 150 KA65 : 100 x 100 x 150 KA85 : 125 x 125 x 150 KA85 : 170 x 165 x 150

Shearing Machine


Open the power switch and adjust the machine to a proper temperature (in Cº). When the Cylinder reaches the temperature you want (indicated by the thermometer) press the black buttons to start the ironing cylinder and the hair absorption. Next switch on the rolling strap by pressing the red switch. Place the fur skin or the coat on the board. Step on the foot pedal until the fur touches the roller and apply the proper pressure for the best results.

Cylinder Dimensions
Diameter: 220mm
Width: 280-300mm
Heating Capacity: 3,6 KW

Machine Dimensions:
Height: 125cm
Width: 80cm
Length: 100cm

Electronic Temperature Control System
The cylinder temperature is set by a high precision electronic instrument that guarantees absolute accuracy. Maximum accuracy is achieved by the PID algorithm that ensures stability of the temperature and low energy consumption.

The operating temperature of the cylinder is programmed by the factory between 0 – 180 ºC. The cylinder has the heating capacity to exceed this temperature but for safety purposes this is avoided.

It is very important to note that the thermal sensor is situated very close to the surface of the cylinder and it is implanted inside the material in order to show the exact temperature of the working surface.

The temperature control instrument has 2 digital screens.
The red screen shows the actual temperature of the cylinder as it is measured by the thermal sensor.
The green screen shows the temperature that the user of the machine sets. With the pressing of the arrow buttons the desired temperature can go higher or lower. Using high-technology electronics TSOP guarantees absolute temperature accuracy, stability and low energy consumption.

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