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1948 Four entrepreneurs founded MPV. These were, Richard Franke, Heinz Ohanian, Richard and Fritz Schweizer. It all began with a programme for dressing domestic articles such as rabbit, cat, foal and kid.

1956 The Company expanded rapidly, processing Persian lamb as the primary article.

1962 Mink gradually overtook Persian lamb and became the most important article in terms of turn over.

1973 Ulrich E. Fleig took over the management of the company. MPV became increasingly one of the world's leading dressers and dyers with an emphasis on high-end processing.


2000 Joint venture with a dressing and manufacturing company in the Ukraine. MPV has now expanded from dressing and finishing into manufacturing plates and linings all to the highest standard of quality. Joint Venture Tykafurlux



2002 Ulrich E. Fleig hands over the management of the company to his business partner Kai Haacke.


As an experienced fur finishing company with an emphasis on high-end dressing, MPV has long-standing relationships with customers all over the world. Along with natural dressing, the company's success is based on innovation, creativity and a feel for fashion trends. Furthermore, excellent service and reliable cooperation based on a partnership with our customers is our philosophy.


MPV is represented at all major auctions and has been a regular exhibitor at the Frankfurt Fur Trade Fair (Fur & Fashion) ever since it began.