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A clash of civilizations and a deep sense of history inspire our first trend as we look into the past and in particular the dark brooding era that spanned the Crusaders and the Knights Templar through to the Tudors. The season’s new heroes and heroine exemplify strength and bravery – think Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart and Elizabeth I. It is a trend already impacting on mainstream culture with the upcoming release of the movie ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ in October and the successful syndication of Showtime’s ‘The Tudors’. This is a mood all about protection and strength – in particular that of the strong woman and strong armoured silhouettes, inspiring us to be brave hearted in the face of an uncertain future. The roots of the trend may be embedded in the past, but the reality is very much of today – a trend for urban hard edged crusaders, full of new blood and 21st century progressive idealism. COLOUR | The muted shades of armour and the dark wing of the raven inspire this colour palette of moody greys and black. Think of steely metallics, the lustre of pewter and the warm brown of war-worn leathers for a feeling of protection and strength. BUZZWORDS | young, hard-edged, historic, urban, armoured


FUR TYPES | We see this trend as a play on opposites – the soft luxury of fur offset with hard-edged trims and detailing. The key fur handles within the look centre on the plush touch of classic mink, whether full fur, stranded or sheared. Deep dyed furs also enter the equation in brooding colours like intense purple or dark grey. Other key furs include astrakhan, sable and squirrel, all offset with the hard-core look of hardware metal trims, studding, chain mail effects and exposed zips for a play on hard against soft.

FABRIC TYPES | The emphasis here is on subtle decorative qualities with scrolling jacquards in low-key tone-on-tone effects, maybe with subtle metallic highlights. Metallic foil patterns worked in ornate medieval style motifs can update linings, while textured python and crocodile are key to create a play of matt-sheen in conjunction with the plush touch of fur.


1| Classic red fox offset with the contrast of textural jacquards in tone-on tone effect.

2| Dyed stranded mink gets a modern twist with black python and hard-core metal zip trims.

3| Dyed purple mink contrasts with black crocodile and a sequinned chain mail style mesh.

4| Black sable offset with the lustre of metallic and mesh jerseys.

5| Sheared mink combines with stitched leather and foil printed treatments.


The over-riding mood driving the trends for autumn/winter 2008-09 is one of strength has the world moves away from a fascination with the cult of celebrity airhead, into something more cerebral and purposeful. It’s about wanting a return to structure within our lives, a revision of the moral ground and the very integrity of society. In keeping with the new zeitgeist we are seeing a revised interest in the awe inspiring innovative architectural achievements of the 20th century skyscraper era and their impact on the urban landscape, along with a return to the measured design principles of the 30s and 40s. The philosophical writings of the great 20th century thinker Ayn Rand also look set to become an inspiration, with the film adaptation of‘ Atlas Shrugged’ due to be released next year. We can expect to see the season’s fashion emphasis change to a more linear structured silhouette and a future forward interpretation of what we have known before.

COLOUR | A new dawn is breaking with this palette of clean sky blues offset with urban greys and the palest buttermilk yellow. A softened level of colour that adds a subtle neutrality to the strength of our Metropolis mood.

BUZZWORDS | elegant, precision, futuristic, linear, cityscape.


FUR TYPES | The fur types within this trend should symbolise the strength and elegance which are the mood’s influences. We see the beauty of classic furs taking centre stage – furs like sapphire or iris mink, lynx, chinchilla and silver fox, maybe used in offbeat combinations or knitted to create elongated fluid silhouettes. We love the look of sheared furs offset with the contrast of full lynx or fox for statuesque silhouettes, played out in soft shades of grey and warm honeyed browns. The look is one of quiet luxury, considered and measured, giving luxurious full furs a sleek modern twist. FABRIC TYPES |The trend offers great potential for subtle decorative treatments with geometric effects inspired by architectural patterns and a modern spirit. Structured metallics or metallic wool suitings look sleek and modern and are inspired by the colours and textures of a futuristic urban landscape.


1| Dyed chinchilla with metallic weaves and lamé..

2| Men’s tailoring with knitted chinchilla dyed rabbit, embellished with geometric beading.

3| Sapphire and blue iris mink with a deco-inspired print.


A different sort of strength colours our final trend for the season, one where self expression and creativity empower the individual. This is a celebration of individuality, diversity and the pioneers who have the passion to look beyond boundaries and tread new ground. Should the boundaries be artistic, scientific or intellectual, these individuals share an innate sense of fearlessness and an ability to make the unexpected a plausible reality. Designers like the legendary Paul Poiret, who single-handedly liberated women from the confines of a corseted silhouette, or Miuccia Prada, who every season forges new perspectives that move the mundane into another dimension. There are many designers who have changed the face of fashion over the years, designers with the‘ power of self’, unafraid to use their imagination to open up new vistas for us all. It is that inner strength and creative genius that shapes the Expressionists trend and as Albert Einstein observed, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but Imagination encircles the world.” Boundaries exist for those afraid to step outside them, here, there is only endless possibility. COLOUR | Softly diffused and full of light, the Expressionists palette is full of optimism and boundless possibilities – a palette to colour your dreams and let your imagination run free. BUZZWORDS | personal, off-beat, innovative, re-invent, visionary



FUR TYPES | This is a trend that bends the rules and offers an opportunity for innovative new techniques that could reshape the industry. Take inspiration from pioneering personalities like Florence Broadhurst or Paul Poiret and draw on the melding of technology with style to help create groundbreaking effects for classic furs that will move the fur trade forward. Whether I is through off-beat fabric mixes, dye techniques, print and pattern or silhouette, it’s time to tear up the rule book, get creative and follow your imagination.

FABRIC TYPES | The ornate fuses with technology to create a strong modern look. We love the notion of wet-look plastic and patent working alongside classic furs. Also, think bold prints and jacquards with metallic highlights and decorative influences from the 20s and 60s.

1| Brown and golden Russian sable offset with decorative lame jacquards and filigree chiffon.

2| Palomino mink is contrasted with the sleek futurism of cream patent leather.

3| Dyed arctic fox with modernist prints as inspiration for coat linings.