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40th International Fur Fair of Kastoria Coming Soon



Pre-Event Press Release by International Fur Fair of Kastoria

And the story goes…
This year’s 40th International Fur Fair of Kastoria will open the doors to a magical world - a world where fantasy meets dream and realism encounters the fantastic, a world where anything can happen!

In this unique and magical world, fur plays the leading role. It offers warmth and protection, the embrace of a unique style. It is the primary element, an affordable luxury which all can acquire and make part of their own personal story.

This wonderful, enchanted world will once again place Kastoria, the home of the fur trade, at the centre of international dealings in fur. It will consolidate its position in the international world of the fur trade and contribute to the development of new markets and collaborations – not only locally, but on a global level.

From Asia and Europe to North America, fur is a connecting link that brings people closer, a tool for economic development and the economic revival of local communities. It is the ‘magic’ garment which helps businessmen to realize their own business dreams, and allows visitors to become the leading players in a fairy tale which wraps them in a warm and stylish embrace.

The 40th International Fur Fair will run from 6-9 May 2015 at the International Exhibition Center of Kastoria(IECK). Through the inspiration and unique creations of the furriers of Kastoria and Siatista, and their colleagues all over the world, it will introduce you into a magical world where you can create your own personal fairy tale, with a script written by yourself and by the unique art and skill of the furrier!

MOTION MIXER visual perception is responsible for concept development, design and implementation of the advertising campaign for the promotion of the 40th International Fur Fair of Kastoria.



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By RB Media Group
Posted: April 19, 2015