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ALC Hosts Annual Young Farmers Meeting



American Legend hosted a seminar for its ’Young Farmers’ Program members on April 2nd in Seattle. Twenty-six young and new farmers attended the one-day event. The program began with a comprehensive panel discussion on mink farm management.

Mink farmers Ryan Holt and Mark Stahl,
along with industry veterinarian Dr. John Easley, sat on the panel and answered questions pertaining to all phases of the mink production cycle. The afternoon session included presentations on pelt quality and size improvement, responsible mink farm ownership, and an in-depth look at how mink is being used today.

The day concluded with a group dinner that included an impressive view of the Seattle waterfront. Everyone that attended was able to take away practical and useful information that can be implemented on their operations back home. Plans are being developed for a European Study Tour for members of the Young Farmers Program.

The American Legend Young Farmers Program was developed to provide on-going education to young farmers and new entrants to the mink business.

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By RB Media Group

Posted: April 27, 2015