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40th International Fur Fair of Kastoria was better than Expected!



The 40th International Fur Fair of Kastoria took place in the city of Kastoria, Greece. This four day event started on Wednesday, May 6- 9, 2015, showcasing 98 exhibitors; mainly local as well as some other international participants. The exhibition again was in the International Exhibition Center of Kastoria (IECK), which was built last year and will be new home of the Kastoria Fur Fair for years to come.

However much time passes, some things remain unchanged … From primitive Europe, magical Asia and aristocratic Russia, fur, through the passage of time, has undoubtedly been transmuted into a myth. It is something that will forever make us think of warmth and luxury.

Once again, Kastoria was at the centre of the world fur trade, an arena for the development of commercial ties and relations, and the coming together of markets from all corners of the world.

From Russia and China to Canada and Europe – all so different, and yet all so similar.

With its huge variety of goods, and the trade mark experience, inspiration and creativity of the furriers of Kastoria has been the meeting point for fur dealers from all over the world. Fur, the material loved as no other throughout history and in the front line of fashion today, was presented in all its mythical splendour.

Following international stylistic tastes and trends in fashion, which want fur to be both “must” and modern, the FUR FASHION GALA held on the first evening of the 40th International Fur Fair of Kastoria (organized by the Kastorian Fur Association and sponsored by the auction house BLACKGLAMA), won wide acclaim.

Nine representative collections of fur, from the 98 who participated in total, unfolded their stories, each with their own style and each having their own role on the catwalk, separate and unique, but, at the same time, an integral part of the collection. The fur creations combined beautifully with name clothing brands. The companies which participated were the following:


Within the context of the Fair’s parallel exhibitions and events, this year great interest was again generated by a pioneering design competition. Ten exhibitors presented the finest pieces from their collections, and, in order to ensure the transparency of the whole procedure, visitors voted electronically for the best fur garments of modern style & design.

This year, in the category of Best Modern Style Ready Fur Garment, the winners were:

First: Gonos Basilis
Second: Sarigianni
Third:Konstantinou Furs Swakara

In the category of Best Design Ready Fur Garment, the following winners were chosen:

First: Sarigianni
Second: Konstantinou Furs Swakara
Third: Gonos Basilis

100 years from the establishment of the Kastorian Fur Association
“The Prophet Elias”

The most special and emotional moment of this year's Exhibition was the award of the former Presidents of the Kastorian Fur Association, just before the opening of the Fashion Show.

As part of the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the founding of the Kastorian Fur Association at the inauguration ceremony honorary awards were given to all the former Presidents and Administration Boards who served the Kastorian Fur Association.

For the same reason, the Kastorian Fur Association on the 8th of May at the Olympic Flame Park has organized an event with traditional regional dancing groups who offered to the crowd spectacular show.

The Kastorian Fur Association “The Prophet Elias” would like to extend its warmest thanks to the sponsors of this year’s event:

  • Grand Sponsor : Blackglama-American Legend
  • Sponsors : Kopenhagen Fur, Black Nafa, Saga Furs, Micillo Italia
  • Sponsor of the Gala Fashion Show : Blackglama-American Legend

  • An overall analysis of data indicates that during the four days of its operation, the Exhibition welcomed 1.216 commercial visitors from 25 countries and 3.887, other visitors. Moreover, during the exhibition, 751 full-length coats, half-coats, jackets and parkas were sold. Additionally, the number of commercial transactions made during the Fair gives reason to be optimistic regarding the coming season.


    The Kastorian Fur Association “The Prophet Elias” would like to extend its warmest thanks to the sponsors of this year’s event:


    Kastoria Fur & Fashion Fair - 2015=> More Picture Here

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    Posted: May 12, 2015