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Kopenhagen Fur Auction Reports – June 2015



June 26: Auction concludes on a positive note


Kopenhagen Auction concludes on a good note, last day of offer with Brown & Brown Velvet Females, Glow Velvet & Glove Females, all of the quantities selling 100 and prices are down (9 - -19) % in comparing their previous sales.

The main news was the continued strong demand that resulted in a 100% sale for such large quantity of mink.


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June 24 & 25 : Auction Continues!


Mr. Pat Wong bought the Stardust Males Top Lot to celebrate good health, which to him is the most important thing in life.

At the June auction, Pat Wong from Loyal Speed Ltd. in Hong Kong, which is fully owned by UKF (Holdings) Ltd., purchased the Stardust Males Top Lot at the price of 2020 DKK per skin.

“ I have been attending Kopenhagen Fur's auctions for 35 years and Torben Nielsen has become a good friend of mine. I bought this Top Lot to celebrate good health in life because I am pleased that Torben Nielsen is getting his good health back,” says Mr Pat Wong. Mr Pat Wong was happy about purchasing the Top Lot also to celebrate that his company has switched to the Hong Kong mainboard stock market.

“I simply love this special Top Lot and it will be used for bed runners and pillows that my daughter is developing. Our customers want the best quality and I think they would like this exclusive home-collection a lot, “says Mr Pat Wong


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June 22 & 23 : Auction Continues!


Mr Coskun Kölük from the company Tasari Kürkmod in Turkey was the buyer of the Chinchilla Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur's June auction.

Sunday evening at the June auction, Mr Coskun Kölük became the buyer of the Chinchilla Top Lot. The Top Lot was purchased for 690 DKK per skin. Mr Coskun Köluk is the owner of the Turkish family company Tasari Kürkmod - also known as Gata Fur. The company is a manufactory with a showroom, but they are opening a new store in Istanbul soon.

“We purchased this Top Lot to promote good quality in our new store. We know our customers appreciate quality and that is what we represent, “says Mr Coskun Kölük.

The Kölük family is no stranger to the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur, and this time Mr Coskun Kölük has company by his son Mr Ataberk Kölük. They have purchased Top Lots more than 10 times at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions.


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June 21 : Auction Continues!


The Top Lot in Pearl Cross Females was bought by Mr Derek Yin representing Ms Li Rumei from KC Fur.

Ms Li Rumei visited Kopenhagen Fur for the first time at this June auction, but she has worked with Kopenhagen Fur since 2009. - I like it here, Ms Li Rumei says.

Ms Li Rumei is from Harbin, China, where KC Fur has a store. However, the company has more than 100 stores located around China, and the company retails the largest quantity of fur products in China.

KC Fur is a retailer, a manufacturer and a buyer of skins and the company has its own designers.

“Our customers expect fashion products made by the finest quality of skins at the best price, “Ms Li Rumei says. That is why KC Fur bought the Top Lot, she says.


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June 19 $ 20 : 129 New buyer in Kopenhagen Fur June auction


Kopenhagen Fur’s June 2015 auction has started with over 600 international buyers in the room. 330 of the 600 customers are from either China or Hong Kong of which 129 are new customers who have not attended our auctions before.

The offering consisted of 6.5 million mink skins, along with a wide collection of chinchillas, swakara, karakul, grey fox, marten, seal and various other skin types.


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by RB Media Group
Posted: June 20, 2015