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Smart Phone & Smart Business



I just can’t imagine doing any business these days without my smartphone, It is a n essential work tool for almost everyone. That is why I take variety of steps to make sure I take full advantage of its use. Here is few tips that may be handy for you:

Preserving Battery Life: A Phone’s screen is one of the biggest power culprits, so dim the screen brightness to at half or even less. You can also temporarily turn –off wireless features you are not currently using, such as: Wi-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, as a backup, I would also pick up a portable charger to use when you need to.


Roaming Roaming If you Want to: It is always a great idea to contact your carrier before you head to another country, as it will be a lot less expensive to pick up a travel plan ahead of time, then using the roaming services.( voice, text & data) while travelling you could also turn off data roaming and pick up your emails, surf the web, or check your social media activities when in a free Wi-Fi network, such as local, hotel, airport or coffee shops. Just be very careful with your online banking activities, or shopping , as there could be cybercriminals who are taking advantage of unsecured networks.


Use Smart Security: Always lock your phone device with a PIN, password of pattern. Also set up one of those fee” find my phone” apps, which might be build on your device, and see your missing device on a map, make it ring loudly, display message on its screen or remotely wipe the phone clean….It is also essential to update your smartphone with the latest operating software whenever an update becomes available, because it help fixes the software vulnerability.

Accessorising it: Along with the backup battery charger, a few other accessories can help extend functionality, style & longevity of your phone. A protector case is a must, for when (not if) you fdrop your phone. If you do a lot of typing, and you don’t want to bring a laptop with you, carry a portable keyboard what wirelessly tethers to your phone via Bluetooth.


Driving Hands-free Driving Hands-free: It’s the law in most of the countries now, so be sure to remain hands free while behind the wheel. If your vehicle don’t have a Bluetooth connection to sync your phone through the stereo, pick up one of those inexpensive Bluetooth speakerphone ( which usually clips to your visor) or wearable Bluetooth can be used also. And make sure to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.


Talking to your Phone: be sure to take advantage of your phone’s built-in voice-enabled personal assistant. All new phones have it, whether it’s Siri (for IPhone), Google Now (Android), Cortana (Windows Phone)or Blackberry Assistant for Blackberry. When you use your phone for work or play you will notice talking to your phone can help you get more done in less time. For example, you can dictate your emails, ask you phone to read your text message, next appointment time, call people by name or number…

Personalizing your Phone:
Don’t forget you can make your own by downloading apps, most of which are FREE, or close to it, changing the wallpaper whatever you like, moving around the icons on your home screen, taking advantage of any accessibility aids such as: larger font, louder audio vibration alert and so on…your pocket companion can be as unique as you are.


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Posted: September 8, 2015