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Saga Furs Auction Reports – September 2015



Saga Furs auction concluded with Blue fox breeders and lowgrades


Saga Furs September auction, the final auction for the selling season 2014-15, concluded today with the selling of Blue fox breeders and lowgrades. Today’s offering was 99% sold under good competition with better skins fetching almost the same prices as regular goods. Main buying China / Hong Kong with good support from other markets.


Sales Results



Saga Furs Auction: Certified Fox and Finnraccoon sales

Finnraccoon was 95 % sold at 10 % easier prices compared with our June auction. Main buying by European fashion industry. The uncertainty in the Russian market affected the Silver and mutation fox sale. One third of the Silver fox collection was sold at 10 % easier prices. Mutation foxes sold under selective bidding at firm to slightly easier prices.

Saga Furs Auction: female mink sales

The collection consisted again of breeders and the commercial end of lowgrades. Today’s sale followed the same trend as yesterday and the offering was 75% sold. The very small collection of regular mink, consisting of unsold goods from the June auction, was mainly withdrawn. After this auction Saga Furs has cleared 97% of this season’s mink offering.

Global Economic Uncertainty was Reflected in September Auction

September auction continued today with the selling of male mink. Saga Furs has sold around 90 percent of this season’s mink offering already earlier, and the September offering consists of breeders, summerskins and the most commercial lowgrades.

Challenges in the Russian economy and weakness of the Russian currency have further reduced buying for the Russian market. Slower growth in China and a declining stock market have made even the Chinese customers very careful in their buying. As a result of increased uncertainty mink prices are roughly 25 percent easier compared with June levels and approximately 85 percent of today’s offering was sold.

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by RB Media Group
Posted: September 22, 2015