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Kopenhagen Fur Auction Reports –September 2015



September 30, 2015: Auction Continues with good demand


Mr. Ya Tao Wong bought the Sapphire Cross Males Top Lot at Kopenhagen Furs September auction 2015.

Mr. Ya Tao Wong
is a Chinese furrier from the Hebei Province which is situated in the north part of China. During winter it can get very cold in these parts of China and fur is an important garment to keep you warm. But fur coats are much more than that. In Mr. Ya Tao Wong's two fur shops he has many younger customers in their twenties and thirties. They shop fur for fashion reasons and Mr. Wong hopes that the Top Lot can help him promote the shops.

The skins in the Sapphire Cross Top Lot are beautiful and I'm very pleased that I bought them. I hope that I can get a designer to do something extraordinary with these skins and hopefully the result will be stunning garments, that will help me promote my two fur shops even more. “ says Mr. Ya Tao Wong.

Besides the two fur shops Mr. Ya Tao Wong also has six wholesale shops where he sells skins.


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September 25, 2015: Auction Continues


The White Swakara Top Lot buyer Victor Konstantinopolskiy is a fur expert from Accessory Fur and he has created a brand new technique that will bring the metallic look out in the luxurious fur.

The Russian designers know this beautiful material well, and they should have the best quality,” Victor Konstantinopolskiy says.

He is the first person in the world to create the new metallic technique, and for this he wants the very best quality. It will be beneficial for both himself and his customers. Therefore it was not a hard choice for him to bid on the Top Lot of White Swakara fur.

According to Victor Konstantinopolskiy the Swakara fur is very popular especially amongst Russian designers, but he has also sent fur to the haute couture world, and he will soon start selling to Italy. He hopes that his White Top Lot Swakara in the metallic look will be a success.

The White Swakara Top Lot was purchased for 720 DKK.




September 24, 2015


Kopenhagen Fur’s September 2015 auction has started on Thursday 24th with reasonable number of international buyers in the room. The offering consisted of 6.8 million mink skins, along with a wide collection of chinchillas, swakara, karakul, grey fox, marten, seal and various other skin types.



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Updated: September 26, 2015