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Change of Guard in Kopenhagen Fur



In agreement with the cooperative's Board of Directors, Torben Nielsen, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, has decided to resign with effect from 31 October 2015. Torben Nielsen has been CEO of Kopenhagen Fur since 1993.

In roughly 23 years with Torben Nielsen at the helm, Kopenhagen Fur has gone through a remar-kable development and growth and today stands as one of the largest and most successful Danish export companies. At the same time we have managed to place the Danish mink farmers and their joint company in an absolutely world-leading position.

Without exaggerating I can say that the company and the entire Danish mink industry have under-gone quite an amazing development in the period in which we have had Torben as CEO. Today we have a very well-oiled "machine" that also contributes significantly to the Danish society and our trade enjoys the society's recognition as never before. Not many Danish companies or even entire industries have been able to capture a unique world-leading position, says Tage Pedersen, and continues:


Kopenhagen Fur Torben's vision and pioneering spirit has been a great asset to our entire industry and we now have a completely unanimous board and membership that support the necessary renewal and growth strategies that have brought the Danish mink farmers and our joint company to the position where we are today. We must continue following this principal line with full force and fortunately, Kenneth Loberg is a very competent replacement.

Kenneth Loberg, Deputy CEO, will be the new CEO of Kopenhagen Fur. Trained mechanical engi-neer and has an MBA. Kenneth Loberg has previously been CEO of Skako Lift A/S and Win-Group/Windoor. Since 2010, Kenneth has been first Sales Manager and later also responsible for Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur.

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Posted: October 1, 2015