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The IFF held its AGM in Frankfurt



The IFF held its AGM in Frankfurt, Germany on October 8, 2015. It was attended by 128 board and council members from around the world. The meeting reflected on the many key programs of this past year, and discussed plans and challenges for the year ahead.

CEO Mark Oaten provided members with an insight into the goals and achievements of the IFF and its engagement with its diverse membership.

JOHANNES MANAKAS of Frankfurt has been elected chairman of the INTERNATIONAL FUR FEDERATION. He succeeds STEPHEN HURWITZ of London, who has served four years in the post. MICHAEL MENGAR of NAFA has been named vice-chairman to succeed TORBEN NIELSEN of Kopenhagen Fur. Added to the board are ARON LISKA of Austria; KADIR KILIG from Turkey; NICK POLOGEORGIS from the U.S., and ALEXEY PLEKHANOV from Russia. ALLEN SOIFER of the U.S. was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

The AGM also saw the launch of the 2015 FUR NOW campaign as well as a new project called ‘Business of Fur’ (www.businessoffur.com) which aims to provide support to the vibrant and increasingly important, retail sector.

This year, the FUR NOW (www.thisisfurnow.com) campaign will focus around the theme of family in a fun, stylish and contemporary way, illustrating how everyone, from teenagers through to grandparents, can wear fur in a mixture of styles.

There was also a brief and informative presentation on conservation issues from an IUCN employee who is supported by the IFF. The presentation provided valuable and thought-provoking material on global wildlife trade, which was greatly appreciated by the attendees.


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Posted: October 18, 2015