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Think Mink For Fall/Winter 2015-2016



With so many great mink options out there for Fall 2015 we couldn’t cover it all at once, so we’re breaking things down into design categories to make it easier for you to find your picks of the sea-son.

Multi-colored graphic designs in fur are created through a manufacturing process called intar-sia. Here fur dyed in various colors is cut and placed in an intricate pattern then sewn together to create mosaic, intaglio or other complicated designs. The result is absolutely beautiful! But what looks so clean and simple is anything but. Imagine the craftsmanship and time that goes into the creation of each garment! Now that’s the definition of exclusivity.



Mink is no longer exclusive to outerwear and accessories. New techniques in shearing, dying and cutting fur have added the depth of creativity and flexibility that make mink perfectly ready for rea-dy-to-wear. Designers have delivered some great looks this season in mink skirts, dresses, swe-atshirts, cardigans and sexy little tops. What a way to make an entrance!



Remember the excitement when you were little and you opened that big new box of crayons? You picked through all those great colors and in the end, you always had a few favorites that got worn down just a little bit faster because you didn’t care if you colored the elephant purple. That was your favorite color! This season, mink comes in a rainbow of colors from rich jewel tones to pastels and nature-inspired hues to neon brights.

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Posted: November 13, 2015