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What Trends will be Driving Outerwear Sales This Season



In response to the arctic cold and snow of the past two winters consumers called out for stylish solutions and designers heard their pleas. Outerwear for Fall 2015 was the hero of many collections presented on the runways of the major fashion cities, capitalizing on inventory gaps left by strong retail sales last season.

For fall 2015 luxury outerwear plays with volume, proportion, color and construction as designers adapt the unique textural characteristics and visual impact of fur to deliver chic, sophisticated statement pieces. Some choose to give classic coats a fresh, modern edge to complement their un-derpinnings while others choose to present bold and innovative outerwear looks that broaden their message. The visual impact of fur and its myriad creative possibilities gives designers a luxe tool for fine-tuning their stories.



Remember the excitement when you were little and you opened that big new box of crayons? You picked through all those great colors and in the end, you always had a few favorites that got worn down just a little bit faster because you didn’t care if you colored the elephant purple. That was your favorite color! This season, mink comes in a rainbow of colors from rich jewel tones to pastels and nature-inspired hues to neon brights.

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by RB Media Group
Posted: November 29, 2015