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New Website Launches to Highlight The Value, Craft and Fashion of Fur to Retailers



The International Fur Federation (IFF) has launched a new website aimed at fashion retailers to give them a better understanding of the opportunities that the fur sector offers them. It also provides an ever-growing list of fur stock lists globally.

Consumers in many markets worldwide are increasingly buying fur garments at fashion retailchains and boutiques rather than specialist furriers, so www.businessoffur.com aims to provide those retailers with confidence in fur attire, answer any questions they may have and demonstrate the intricate craft that goes into fur fashions.

The site provides buyers and retailers who may lack specialist knowledge of the sector with information such as an A-Z of fur types, how to care for your fur, how to spot quality and relevant labelling information. This way they can pass such expertise onto their customers. There is also a wealth of information on fur’s sustainability credentials and its fascinating supply chain. The site also provides insight both into catwalk trends and how the material is being worn on the street to provide inspiration for retailers and to ensure they have the latest trends at their fingertips.



It reveals the specialist by-hand craft skills required to make fur garments, rather than the mass-machined approach of many fabrics, and provides regular updates on how fur is being used by fashion designers and worn by consumers. That way retailers and buyers can ensure they always have the latest market insight at their fingertips.

It also highlights how investing in fur is a sound business decision for fashion retailers, as the trade has shown an economic resilience that is the envy of most other sectors. Global fur sales have grown year-on-year for most of the past 13 years,and the industry demonstrates the highest levels of welfare and environmental standards, openness and traceability in its supply chain.



Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Federation, noted: “In many markets globally, fur has become simply another element within the wider world of fashion rather than a specialist item: as well as full fur items, garments with fur trim are increasingly popular. That means consumers will want their boutiques and retail chains to offer an expert level of knowledge and understanding of what it is and how it is made.

“Our new website highlights the immense value and opportunities inherent in fur. With so many designers using it worldwide, it has become a fashion staple and is no longer simply a seasonal purchase. Retailers need as much information on fur as they’d have on any other fabric or element in their stock.”

The business to business website is being launched via an online campaign driving awareness across fashion trade media globally.

IFF – International Fur Federation


About The International Fur Federation (www.wearefur.com)

The International Fur Federation (IFF) is the voice of the fur trade. Its CEO is former Member of Parliament and Member of the Council of Europe, Mark Oaten.

Formed over 60 years ago, the IFF protects the fur trade’s interests, promotes innovation and high standards and presents a factual image of the fur industry.

The IFF represents 44 national fur trade associations and organisations from 36 countries. Members are drawn from the entire fur supply chain: farmers, trappers, auction houses, merchants, brokers, buyers, dressers and dyers, designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, marketing organisations and retailers. In addition to the national member associations' offices, there is the IFF HQ in London and subsidiary offices in Beijing and Brussels.

The IFF promotes strict codes of practice that meet or exceed established and accepted standards for animal welfare, for wild and farmed fur. The IFF supports and encourages the introduction of animal welfare legislation that is based on sound scientific research and other practical considerations, around the world

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by RB Media Group
Posted: December 17, 2015