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Saga Furs Auction Reports – December 2015



An Uncertain Market Situation Affected the Blue Fox and Blue Shadow Fox Sale


Saga Furs December auction concluded with the selling of Saga® Blue fox and Blue Shadow fox. Lack of confidence caused by both economic uncertainty at the main markets and the major price drop of mink skins in September affected the selling results.

Blue Shadow fox was around 40% sold and Blue fox around 20% sold at 15-20% easier prices compared with September auction. The auction was attended by over 200 buyers from all markets with Europe particularly well represented. Main buying European fashion industry with support from Korea, Hong Kong/China and Russia.

The Saga® Lumi Royal Top Lot of Blue fox was bought by Mr. Frank Sun for Xinji Hongyi Fur & Leather Co. Ltd.

Saga Furs international auction started on Saturday December 19, 2015. The offering will consist of over 300,000 certified Saga® fox and 30,000 Finnraccoon. Saga - Mink will be offered on their next Auction in March.

The auction began with the selling of Karakul and continues on Sunday with fox and Finnraccon. The auction will be concluded on Monday with the selling of Blue Shadow Fox and Blue Fox.


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By RB Media Group

Posted: December 20, 2015