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NAFA Announces Competitive Selling Terms for January 2016 Auction



Highly Competitive Selling terms for NAFA’s first 2016 Auction


As part of NAFA’s ongoing efforts to support their loyal customers and respond to current challenges in today’s global fur markets, NAFA is  pleased to announce the following highly competitive selling terms for our January/February 2016 auction.

All invoiced goods purchased and fully paid by Prompt Day (extended to February 29, 2016 due to Chinese New Year) will be eligible to receive a 1% rebate on hammer price.

With 35% deposit paid by Prompt Day (February 29, 2016), all purchased goods will be free of interest and storage charges until Friday, April 1, 2016.

With a deposit of less than 35%, NAFA’s standard selling terms and conditions, as posted on NAFA's website and available at Buyer Services, shall apply to all purchases.

Sources: NAFA


International Fur Auctions
by RB Media Group
Posted: January 5, 2016