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Kopenhagen Fur Auction Reports – January 2016



Kopenhagen Fur's January auction is now finished. With a final sales percentage of approx. 70 percent, the sale performed better than the international trade expected.

“ Prior to the auction many of our customers said that they did not expect us to obtain a high sales percentage, even if prices were reduced greatly, “says Per Knudsen, Chief Auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur.

However, as the auction progressed, more and more customers began to display trust based on the demand in the auction room and the established price level.

The average price is approx. 14 percent lower compared to the price level in September 2015 and the total sales percentage is approx. 70 percent. These figures could be seen via Kopenhagen Fur's sms-service, which displayed the sales percentage, average prices and price deviations on skin types.

The sales percentage is particularly important to focus on because the sales percentage for individual skin types in many cases increased after the type was sold in the auction room.

Sales Results




Day 2: Reduced Prices Continues


The day began with the sale Silverblue Males, which obtained a sales percentage of 81 percent and Silverblue Velvet Male skins, which obtained a sales percentage of 62 percent.

Silverblue Males reached an average price of 206 DKK and Silverblue Males reached an average price of 295 DKK.

Following this, Silverblue Females were put up for sale, these were met with resistance and only managed to obtain a sales percentage of 31 percent and an average price of 146 DKK. Silverblue Velvet Females were also met with resistance and reached a sales percentage of 28 percent and an average price of 199 DKK. These figures clearly illustrate that skin buyers and retailers are well stocked.

After this, Brown Males were sold. These skins obtained a satisfying sales percentage of 94 percent and an average price of 172 DKK. Brown Velvet Males reached a sales percentage of 71 percent and an average price of 267 DKK.

Glow Males and Glow Velvet Males each obtained sales percentages of 89 and 44 percent and their average prices were 173 DKK and 253 DKK.


Sales Results



Day 1: Price adjustment characterizes season start


The first day of the January auction at Kopenhagen Fur has begun. This Friday, Black Cross males and females were sold at a slight price drop.

Throughout winter, the general mood among the customers has been that the market required another price adjustment. The customers have well stocked warehouses and demand is currently at a modest level. This affects the price of Black Cross skins.

Black Cross females obtained a higher sales percentage than the male Black Cross skins. The females sold 83 percent and obtained an average price of 144 DKK (Approx. 19.3 EUR)

The males sold 46 percent and obtained an average price of 249 DKK (Approx. 33.7 EUR).

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by RB Media Group
Posted: January 10, 2016