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Common Misconceptions Around Buying Fur



Fur is only for women. It’s true that in the past most wearers of fur were women and that reputation has hung on. However, with new techniques constantly being developed, fur can become part of anyone’s wardrobe. Designers have been increasingly sending men down runways in a wide range of fur styles: everything from the modern bomber with fur to fur lapels on a range of garments, as well as fur manbags and double-breasted reefer jackets in fur/fabric combos.

Trapper hats are ubiquitous in the cold winter months amongst both 'macho' and 'metro' men alike. Aviator jackets and parkas have been and continue to be popular items. Even summer festivals see a flurry of loose-knit fur gilets on men. Teamed with a neat beard, it makes for a great look.

Looking to keep warm in the city but want to make a statement? Go all out with a fur-lined fishtail parka complete with statement hood. We love a strong fox hood in dark hues for an eye catching detail that’s bound to make people double-take whilst you’re amongst the generic overcoats of yesteryear.



Fur is for the winter. Whilst it’s true that larger garments such as coats are meant for the colder months, there are many techniques available that allow fur to be worn throughout the year. Mixing pelts with light fabrics such as lace, cotton and wool allows the garment to breathe, giving you a dress or top packed with a punch. This look featured heavily in many S/S collections this year.

Fur suits certain body types. Fur, just like any other material, is perfect for all when worn in the right cut for your body shape. Women with pear, spoon, oval and diamond shaped bodies should invest their money into a longline gilet – these come in a range of fur types, everything from rabbit, to mink to fox. Longline gilets will draw the eye down, drawing attention to the right curves and away from ones you’re keen to disguise.

Women with athletic and boyish body shapes should look to shorter cuts such as a vest or shrug. This cut will hug to the top half of your body to create great proportions.

Fur is only for the rich. Fur is a luxury item, but the entry point for some of this luxury is entirely affordable. Some accessories start as low as $55, meaning that fur is something that we can all treat ourselves to from time to time. Add a little character to your handbag or backpack with a colourful fur keyring, or keep your head warm in the colder months with a beanie featuring a statement fur bobble – a key trend for A/W 15.

Fur is for the old. Again, another misconception. Let’s get this straight; not every fur garment is a brown fur mink coat. Furs can now be dyed in every extravagant colour known to man. From acid green to a pale pink, nothing is off limits. If you’re not looking for a pop of colour, fur garments co-me in a huge range of designs – from slippers and matching cuffs to parkas and fur-trimmed clutch bags.

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by RB Media Group
Posted: January 13, 2016