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Fur at Home



An advantage to incorporating fur into furniture is that it automatically becomes an interest piece from all angles of the space. Upholstering fur onto old furniture not only gives it that designer detail touch that we see in professionally designed rooms. It is a novelty technique that will behold sentimental value.

Various aspects of design such as; texture, color, and structure encourages the true character of a space to come forward. Incorporating a throw into any space is a common and easy way to tie a whole room together. Choosing a throw that fits your personality is the fun part as well as finding the perfect way to style this cozy item. We have some helpful tips and tricks on where exactly to place these stunning home accessories.



A point of interest in a room is where the eye naturally leads to when they first walk into a room. When purchasing a fur throw, the main selling point is that it is a natural material that offers textural difference. Placing a genuine fur throw into a well designed room can influence a natural edge or it can be chic and sophisticated. This depends all on preference. Incorporating a throw with large amount of detail and variations into a monotone colored room, gives the space electricity.

Fur on its own is a great element to represent luxury and comfort. We are reminded of cozy nights in when you see an incredibly beautiful fur throw. Adding a throw into a room with elements of warmth such as a fire place, increases the comfort aura that one hopes to give when designing a living space.The physicality of fur texture is usually a contrasting one. The texture segregation be-tween fur and a smooth surface area is solely based on its geometric features. These geometric features include slope and size of the item. Not only do these throws offer a varied texture in feel, but they are offered in a variation in color. The contrasting colors that are present in a room really gauge how it will influence its presence throughout the entire layout of a home.

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by RB Media Group
Posted: January 19, 2016