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Fur Harvesters Auction Reports – January 2016



Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. season opening wild fur sale held January 25th realized results previously expected with top quality goods, and 3rd section grades moving at good levels and clearances. The bulk of the goods are in the commercial grades in many species and this is where there is resistance. In this case we protected the goods and bought them back. FHA Management's position going into this sale was to hold the line on their valuations and move any unsold product forward to the big European sale in Helsinki, Finland in March. Much of the demand will come from that side of the globe and we expect demand to be stronger by taking the product to the buyer. As well by this time ALL the major fur fairs will have concluded with the important Milan Fur Fair wrapping up just days before our March 8th auction in Helsinki.

Items of a taxidermy nature sold very well with good clearances.

Raccoon continues to struggle and we have sold a few select lots and hope to achieve better clearance at our next auction.

Heavy western as well as eastern coyotes continue to move well and we expect even better results next time around.
Select luxury goods such as marten, female and juvenile fisher are expected to be of good interest in March and this is the reason for holding off on marketing these at this time. FHA held back selling much of our muskrat offering as well as wild mink in hopes that March`s large attendance will boost price and clearance.


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by RB Media Group
Posted: January 31, 2016