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Best Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends



While the pre-fall ranges for the longest period, spanning more or less the whole year long, it does differ in some ways from the SS and FW annual fashion trends somewhat as well. While it may get confusing for those new to the world of fashion, it means that many more pieces we can add to our wardrobes for those of us who vastly enjoy recreating our outfits. The more trends are available for us to choose from, the better it is for everyone. Given this manner of thought, we have put together a list of the top trends one should look for when shopping prefall in the upcoming months..



Leather, Fur Ensembles, Western designs
Leather, which is also quite 1970s and has been melded into 2016 fashions, appears on Coach 1941 high waist shorts or shearling lined Tommy Hilfiger jackets.

Fur is one of those materials that keeps appearing everywhere for prefall, especially among the collections that seem to favor colder days over the warmth of spring and summer. Fur makes up whole coats or merely the lapels, appears as stoles or covers up a matching mini underneath as seen at Sonia Rykiel, Calvin Klein Collection, Coach 1941, Paco Rabanne, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Stella McCartney has a feature piece that is so very lovely actually, coming in grey, with shearling edging.

It is actually a really interesting thing that the Western appeal of the 1970s has also blended in with the futuristic effects 2016 has been trying to bring about. We see leather and suede, shearling and Western designs. We see gorgeous looks as such at Coach 1941, along with Canadian tuxedoes appearing in denim at Burberry, Mugler, Givenchy, et al.


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Posted: February 14, 2016