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Wisconsin Governor Walker Signs Bill Outlawing Hunter Harassment



Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a bill making hunter harassment illegal, prohibiting people from bothering hunters in the state’s woods. Naturally, it has some animal rights groups up in arms.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill – SB 338
– which further defines and expands on current law prohibiting persons from interfering with lawful hunting, trapping and fishing. He called hunting, fishing and trapping “major pastimes” in the state and says the bill provides hunters with additional protections from interference.

SB 338 expands the hunting definition to include “scouting, target shooting, dog training, and animal baiting or feeding” and “expands the types of conduct prohibited to include disturbing a lawfully placed hunting stand, disturbing lawfully placed bait or other feed, using a drone under certain circumstances, and engaging in a series of acts (serial conduct) that are intended to impede or obstruct a person engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping”.

The real kicker in the bill is that it defines the types of serial conduct prohibited to “include maintaining a visual or physical proximity to the person, approaching or confronting the person, or photographing the person.” This clause was included ostensibly as a result of animal rights activists following and filming lawful wolf hunters in Wisconsin and Montana in 2014.

Source: www.wideopenspaces.com

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