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Russia to tag Fur Imports in a bid to fight Customs Fraud



As of April 1, 2016, the Russian authorities proceeded with a pilot project of reading the fur. The corresponding agreement between the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) was signed in September 2015.

The Ministry of Finance together with the Federal tax service and the Ministry of industry and trade has prepared a draft government resolution on the implementation of the pilot project for the labelling of products from natural fur of the control and identification marks with radio frequency RFID-tags (Radio Frequency Identification).

Russian EEU allies suffers the same problems with the import of high added-value goods. Thus import and sales of fur products without RFID marker chips will be banned in the Eurasian economic Union from October, 1st 2016.

“The project starts from April 1, six months October 1, there will be a transitional period during which sanctions (for violations) will be absent for a comfortable entry into the process,” Dmitry Grigorenko, Deputy head of Federal Tax Service (FTS) of the Russian Federation said to journalists

The move was announced in response to the long term concerns around the import of natural fur apparel. According to a number of Russia’s legitimate fur importers and retailers, only 20 percent of the fur garments sold in Russia have been properly cleared with the relevant customs authorities.



Manufacturers, importers and others will be required to order RFID labels (about $1 each) and the equipment (about $2,500). They must be applied to all fur garments, except fur-trimmed items and accessories. The supervisory authorities include the Federal Tax Service, the Customs Dept., the federal service for surveillance of consumer rights and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The labels will be made by Goznak, the state agency that issues bank notes.

RUE “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak
is the largest specialized enterprise of the Republic of Belarus for manufacturing of all kinds of strict reporting forms and special materials for their protection against a fake.

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by RB Media Group
Posted: May 22, 2016