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NAFA Auction Reports – May & June 2016



June 5, 2016: NAFA's June sale concluded on a successful note


NAFA’s June auction concluded on today with the final sale of Section III mink achieving very strong results.

Despite the difficult market conditions that the industry has been dealing with all year, NAFA is very proud of their ability to draw a big attendance from all major markets, and to sell 100% of the mink at significantly rising prices throughout the sale.



June 4, 2016: NAFA's mink sale continues..


The fourth day of NAFA’s June mink sale began with the offering of Breeder females, which sold 100% at very strong levels, under heavy competition.

NAFA’s highly regarded collection of 1.6 million Section III mink followed, again selling at 100%, achieving surprisingly strong levels with widespread competition. China was, once again, the dominant buyer.



June 3, 2016: Demi Browns Advance


The third day of NAFA’s June mink sale featured the offering of Demi Brown male and female mink. Males advanced 10-15%, while females advanced up to 10% over NAFA’s April levels.

Over the last two days, NAFA also sold 400,000 Breeder males under heavy competition at prices stronger than expected.

China was the biggest buyer throughout the day, with good support from Korea.

Top Lots

The Top Lot of Demi Brown – Female was purchased by Naoum and Athina Ditsios for DIVINE FURS, George Papadakis of Kastoria, Greece, for $290.00. Produced by Unicorn.


Sales Results



June 3, 2016 Detail Sales Results




Strong Demand Continues for Black NAFA and Mahogany Mink


June 2, 2016: Second day of the NAFA’s mink sale: Black NAFA males advanced 5-10%, while Black NAFA females advanced 10-15%. Mahogany males sold under strong competition advancing a full 10% across all naps. Mahogany females and a small collection of Blue Iris mink sold at levels advancing upwards of 10%.

China was the day’s biggest buyer, while Greece was the largest taker of high quality Black NAFA males, and Korea dominated the Black NAFA females.

NAFA’s collection of Can-Am Sable sold 100% under strong competition from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Italy and Greece. Fisher also saw solid demand, selling 100%, primarily to Hong Kong and Greece.

NAFA’s June sale continues tomorrow with the sale of Demi Brown males and females, and Breeder males.

Top Lots

The Top Lot of Black NAFA — Male was purchased by Zhonghui Fur & Leather Co., Ltd. for ENAGA, of China for $760. Produced by Lodder Collection.

The Top Lot of Black NAFA — Female was purchased by William Yoon for Woodan Fur, of Seoul, Korea for $800. Produced by Lodder Collection.

The Top Lot of Mahogany — Male was purchased by Liaoning Huameier Import and Export Co., Ltd. & Liaoning Weidai’er Fashion Co., Ltd., of Haining, China for $310. Produced by Unicorn.


Sales Results



June 2, 2016 Detail Sales Results




June 1, 2016: NAFA’s mink sale saw prices advance on mutation colors, with males advancing 10-15% and females advancing 5-10% from NAFA's April levels.

All markets were represented in the auction room. China was by far the biggest buyer, with good support from Greece on the males, and Korea on the females.

Top Lots

The Top Lot of White Mink – Male was purchased by Zhonghui Fur & Leather Co., Ltd. for ENAGA, of China for $370. Produced by Unicorn.

The Top Lot of White Mink – Female was purchased by Tim Everest of Polar Furs Ltd. for Haining City Nashi Fashion Co., Ltd, of China for $300. Produced by Unicorn


Sales Results



June 1, 2016 Detail Sales Results





First two days of Nafa’s May & June sales, NAFA sold the vast majority of its remaining 2016 wild fur collection, with a stronger assortment of better-colored Western Lynx Cats advancing 40-50%.

Overall results were better than expected with high sales percentages realized across most key articles. Nevertheless, the prices achieved in this sale, and so far this year, remain very disappointing for most articles.

Second day 327,000 Musquash and 340,000 Raccoon sold 100% at low prices, but the 100% clearance levels clearly demonstrate that there is potential for improvement in the future.

80% of the Heavy Western Coyotes sold again at high prices while commercial Eastern goods met with some resistance.

NAFA’s collection of Western Lynx Cat sold 100% at significantly advancing prices under strong competition, especially from the Italian fashion industry, for all larger sizes and clearer bellies. The Top Lot of Lynx Cat was purchased by FENDI of Rome, Italy for $1,100.

Can-Am Sable and Fisher will be offered on Thursday, June 2. NAFA’s Spring 2016 sale will continue tomorrow with the sale of ranch mink.


Sales Results






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Posted: June 4, 2016

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