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Enjoy Life more by doing Less



By Koral Kanca, EFURMEDIA
Most of us reach a point when we are too busy to add even one more task to our busy schedule. What used to be free time before, it has been hijacked by work, training, social events and errands. And we are bombarded with devices that offer an unprecedented amount of information.

This constant connectivity, combined with the feeling that there is too much to do – and with no end – can lead to negative stress.

That stress, in turn can take a toll on health and ability to work on our daily tasks: undermine accuracy, creative thinking and can lead to depression. Sustained busyness can eventually affect our quality of our work as well as our personal relationship.

The good news is that, we don’t need to wait for health crises or major life event to happen (such as heart attack or divorce, etc. ) to take a break.

Here are some suggestions to slow down, take a break between the activities, make things better and enjoy life more.



Deep Breathe

When you feel pressures, panicky, stressed, stop for a moment and take few deep breaths. Slow deep breathing reoxygenates the body, which in turn slows the heart-beat and stabilized the blood pressure. A good starting pattern for the beginner is to take EIGHT complete counts of breath, hold it for EIGHT counts, exhale for another EIGHT and hold for again for final EIGHT counts. Repeat this pattern EIGHT times, this will help you relax and calm down, can also help with meditation and proper maintenance of your nervous system.

Speed Audit

Stop and ask yourself, if whatever you re doing is too fast. If what you are going faster than you need to when you do a self audit, you go back to the task and work more slowly.

Reduce your Calendar

Take a look at you next week’s schedule and picked the least important scheduled activity and drop it. This will take some of the pressure out of that particular day.

Schedule Unscheduled Time

You need to consciously block off TWO HOURS in your week, when you don’t plan anything – simply do nothing – this will guarantee you sometime, when you can slowdown your own rhythm.

Find a slow Ritual

Find a slow ritual that acts as your personal brake and helps you shift into lower gear. This may be gardening, reading, yoga, cooking, painting, having a cigar….whatever.



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by RB Media Group
Posted: June 3, 2016

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