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Lines Your Boss Should Never Cross at Work


Most people experience uncomfortable moments at work. While no workplace is perfect, it should not be a place where you feel distressed or uneasy. Here are few think to know that your boss is acting inappropriately if he / she is practicing one of the following:

  • Openly Talk Salary: This should be a private and confidential information should be discussed only in private. Others should not know what you are being paid, regardless of the intent of the comment or situation.
  • Reprimand You Publicly: Everyone in workplace make an error and can and should deserve discussions, good employer will handle this professionally and privately, not in front of others.
  • Has Unreasonable Expectations: Your boss should clearly and regularly communicate performance measures and expectations, assist when needed and set reasonable deadlines.
  • Often Talks Personally: If the conversation veers to the personal too frequently, be very brief in your response, then change the subject back to business.
  • Make Inappropriate References: Comments that make you uncomfortable or uneasy. This includes water cooler jokes, emails, or comments about your physical appearance. – “ This report is as flat as your butt” – are wrong.
  • Implies that sex, race, religion or age is a factor of performance: None of these things have anything to do with your performance.

If you come across one of these items at work, assume that he/she is not aware of these offenses, have a constructive conversation with your boss. It is everyone’s best interest.


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By RB Media Group

Posted: June 10, 2016