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Majority Improve their opinion about “FUR” once they visited a farm



In accordance with similar mini surveys, 95% of the visitors at an open farm event in Romania became positive towards fur farming after having seen the animals with their own eyes.

As a part of the ongoing work to provide the surrounding society reliable information about fur farming, Romanian fur farmers arranged an open farm day on 8 farms across Romania started on May 14, 2016. The open farm scheme, taking place in many European countries each year, has arisen in an attempt to debunk the many myths and prejudices about animal welfare on fur farms. And it works when people see the conditions and the animals with their own eyes.

This particular survey was done with 680 people and 556 of them gave positive answer after visiting the farm, they feel that the fur is more acceptable & nature and their opinions are improved regarding the matter.

“I believe the event was a great success and it contributes to forming a correct public opinion on our activity,” says Marcela Bejenaru, farmer and Vice-Chairman of Asociația Generală a Fermelor și Crescătorilor Individuali de Chinchilla din România (AGFCICR).



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by RB Media Group
Posted: June 23, 2016

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