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Antalya Leather Fashion Show 2016


Organized by ArtiF Fuarcilik, Mr. Turan Gültürk and supported by Istanbul Deri ve Deri Mamulleri Ihracatcilari Birligi (IDMIB) and Deri Tanitim Gurubu, the very 1st Antalya Leather Fashion Show took place in Antalya Wow Kremlin Palace, Moscow Salon during June 28 – 30, 2016.


Antalya Wow Kremlin Palace


It was organized for only purpose of B2B transaction between the Turkish Leather & Fur garment manufactures and buyers from Russian, Ukrainian & Kazakhistan attracted about 350 people. All the manufactures and buyers seem to be happy with the results. The event was not open to general public, organized Mr. Gültürk arranged the event in a way the participants – especially the buyers – will have some free time after the show and they had few days vacations included after the event, much like business & pleasure type arrangement.

Back in November 2015 the airplane incident between Turkey and Russian government created many problems for the Leather & Fur Manufacturer Industry in Turkey. A lot of manufacturers had to close their shops or move their inventory out from shopping malls from Russia and has created great deal of difficulties. But very recent move between the governments of Turkey & Russia working out the differences and trade relations becoming normal has created a celebration environment during the show in Antalya event.

This was the first event on Antalya, and according to some industry leaders there in Turkey, this may create a new direction for the Leather & Fur Industry fairs in Turkey. Mr. Musa Evin – one of the board members of the Istanbul Board of Trade indicated that Antalya event potentially will be yearly event during the month of June. And he pledged full support for the event.


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Posted: July 3, 2016

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