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North American Fur Conference 2016


The event is organized by Canada Mink Breeders Association, it will take Toronto, Canada during August 14 – 17, 2016. CMBA Annual General Meeting will be held during the conference on Sunday August 14, 2016 and the elections will be held on Wednesday the 17th of August.

The 2016 North American Fur Conference will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday August 15, 2016 and continue through Thursday August 17, 2016.

All the major Auction Houses; Kopenhagen Fur, American Legend, NAFA & Sagafur will be participating in the event. There will be also guest speakers from the industry researchers such as; Dr. Hugh Hildebrandt from Medford Veterinary Clinic will talk about Update on Issues on Farms. Dr. John Easley from Joint Mink Research Committee will be presenting the reports on most resent researches, as well as people from IFF Americas and European Fur Breeders Associations.


AGENDA: Please see the attached agenda for specific times for speakers and equipment show.


About Canada Mink Breeders Association


Canada Mink Breeders Association (CMBA) is a not for profit association, it was established in 1952. Its members are Canadian mink farmers that support the Association through a pelt levy on pelts sold at auction.

Mandate & Activities of CMBA

CMBA on behalf of its members provides leadership in research, best farming practices, marketing, and promotion of the interests of the fur farming sector nationally and internationally. The goal is to ensure the permanent prosperity of the Canadian mink farming industry.

CMBA also assists provincial Associations with educational forums, speakers and financial assistance.

CMBA has excellent working relationships with many associations. This includes the Fur Institute of Canada, Fur Council of Canada, Canada Fox Breeders Association, Wild Fur Shippers Council, American Mink Council, Fur Commission USA, European Fur Breeders Association, Canadian Animal Health Coalition, National Farm Animal Care Council, and the Ontario Farm Animal Council.

CMBA through North American Fur Producers Inc. is a major shareholder in North American Fur Auctions - a wholely producer owned international fur auction

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