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IFF’s August 2016 Member of the Month – Turkey


IFF has members in over 40 countries around the world who all do some amazing work: on promoting the fur trade, in improving animal welfare, environmental and employment standards and in the fashion and PR sectors too.

It is important for IFF to highlight the great work that all the members do. This month IFF got in touch withTurkish members and found out more about their recent activities as well as their favourite fashion trends.

Name of Member: KSIAD - Kürk Sanayicileri ve İş Adamları Derneği
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Website: www.ksiad.com


Recent Activity of KSIAD


KSIAD have organised a seminar for young designers. KSIAD would like to thank all the participants who came from various universities, fashion designer students and to Gorana Stojanovic who never left us alone and to designer Rebecca Bradley. KSIAD also like to remind that new fur departments will be opened for the Istanbul Leather Fair to encourage young talents and to spread the usage of fur among people.

The usage of fur has become very popular, both as an accessory and as part of the main garment itself. This is due to young fur designers and popular trends. In the fashion sector, there is hardly any product that is produced without the use of fur.

May 2016, KSIAD hosted an educational fur seminar in Istanbul, which is a project of the Eurasia region with participants from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.



Lobby activities with the Government:

KSIAD have executed lobby activities in order to abolish the luxury tax for fur . The management arranged a meeting with Hakan Yurdakul (President of the Economic Council) and discussed the issues about the fur sector. Moreover, they tried to figure out what had to be done and presented him with a file of required documents. As a response, he told KSIAD that he would present the report about the luxury tax to the President of Turkey.

KSIAD also visited the mayor of Zeytinburnu and asked for assitance about the issuses in the fur industry.



Contests and Achievements:

KSIAD young designer Ali Koç finished 3rd in the Eurasia REMIX show in Moscow and also came runner up in the REMIX show in Milan this past March.



Why is fur important in Turkish design/history/culture?

Fur has been used commonly in these lands since the 15th century Ottoman period. Ottoman sultans have worn fur clothing to demonstrate their reputations. In the modern day, fur is now used by the most prestigious designers in Turkey.

Sources: WeArefur


Fur Industry News - Worldwide
by RB Media Group
Posted: August 26, 2016