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Implementation of the pilot project on the labeling of fur products - RFID Update



On the 19th August in Moscow, the international fur fair Mosfur held a seminar on the "Implementation of the pilot project on the labelling of fur products," organised by the Russian Fur Union with the support of the International Fur Federation (IFF).

The seminar was attended by representatives of the Federal Tax Service, Federal Customs Service, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, JSC "Goznak." The seminar was attended by over 400 fur business representatives from different regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey and Greece.



Starting from this date, in accordance with Article 3 of the Agreement:

- It is forbidden the acquisition, storage, use, transportation and sale on the territory of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs fur products without RFID labels or RFID labels attached in violation of the established order, except for their transportation to the specialised warehouses, where a list of national legislation, and the storage of goods in such premises;

- Putting fur under the customs procedure of re-importation and release for domestic consumption is carried out in the presence of RFID labels on such goods except when the RFID labelling in accordance with national legislation may be carried out after the release of goods for domestic consumption in specialised warehouses and cases provided in paragraph 5 of article 3 of the Agreement.

The requirements for RFID labelling of fur garments do not apply to the transportation, storage and use by individuals of fur products imported as goods for personal use, and acquired in the retail trade.

At the same time, with the agreement's entry into force, for the labelling of garments' leftovers is given 45 working days. During this period, the implementation of unlabelled fur products is prohibited.

In the first week of the pilot project on the introduction of a mandatory labelling system more than 1 200 representatives of the fur business were registered in the information resource of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Overall, taking into account the voluntary participants of the experiment conducted in the period from 1 April to 12 August 2016, in the marking system of more than 2,500 registered participants and ordered more than 3 million RFID labels.

The Russian Fur Union is monitoring the progress of this project and will update the industry on any changes. For additional information regarding this project you can contact the Russian Fur Union directly at info@rpms.ru

Source: WeAreFur


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by RB Media Group
Posted: August 28, 2016