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Fur in Fashion, Fall-Winter 2016-2017



Fall-Winter 2016-2017 we note some trendy models to make their ways to in the heart of fashionista. And majority has fur in them. Discover them with us !

Furs Fall-Winter 2016-2017 fashion dreams promise to carry out many of the female world, through classic and most original models, which can related to different tastes. As part of the collections for the upcoming winter season made by the best fashion houses, it ranges from creations with versatility in trendy style to the minimal chic, short-haired or long, in pastel shades with a regular fit and many other colours.

The fur is actually much more than just a luxury item. It’s a real status symbol that some women can not really give up. Not only to cover their backs & look good; It is also worshiped as a material for women's style accessories.

Far from controversy between faux models and real fur, we want to shed light on the most fashion creations for next winter season. These are types that in some cases a as traditional, in other reinvent themselves in an entirely original and innovative way, and a real evergreen womenswear.

Here are some samples from fashion creators:


YSL, Saint Laurent

YSL, Saint Laurent




By Yves Salomon


By Vanessa Bruno


By Burberry


Fur Industry News - Worldwide
by RB Media Group
Posted: September 15, 2016