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Pelt Handling for Profit - by Fur Harvesters Auction House



Proper Pelt Handling Begins with the Proper Equipment

Each year thousands of dollars are lost due to improperly handled fur. To prevent this from happening and also get better return from their hard work, Fur Harvesters Auction house, has created a Proper Pelt Handling Manual for the trappers. This manual actually has been developed by trappers and fur graders to assist trappers in achieving the best price possible for their fur by eliminating handling errors.

There is a saying at Fur Harvesters Auction that states: You can’t turn a $10.00 pelt into a $100.00 pelt, but you can easily turn a $100.00 pelt into a $10.00 pelt. Hopefully by reading this manual, even the most experienced fur handler can pick up a hint or two to help them realize the maximum price for their furs.


To Fellow Fur Harvesters


Pelt Handling for Profit has been created as a quick and easy reference for those trappers who want to maximize the value of their fur harvest. The tips included are based on information obtained from some of the best pelt handlers, with additional input from the FHA team of experienced fur graders. The combined effort allows any trapper to properly prepare fur the way the international market wants it, leading to increased returns on your hard-earned catch.

A combination of hands-on experience and having the right tools will make the job of pelt preparation easier, faster and more rewarding. FHA’s trap department stocks just about every fur handling tool that you are likely to need, from certified traps to knives to boards to fleshing beams and more.

Catalogs are available from Trans Canada Trapline Company,

Address: 1867 Bond St., North Bay, ON P1B 8K6,
P: 1 (705) 495-3511,
F: 1 (705) 495- 4939,

e-mail: traps@furharvesters.com


General Shipping Information


Over 11,000 trappers market their pelts through Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. annually. FHA’s extensive agent network throughout Canada and the United States allows trappers to easily and economically ship their pelts to North Bay, Ontario. Your agent will obtain all the necessary permits and documentation required to ship your fur. While your fur is at FHA agent’s premises or is on route to North Bay, your fur is insured against fire and theft.

Shipping Instructions:

1) All fur must be stretched and dried. Castoreum must also be dried and shipped in either paper bag or cardboard box. Never ship castoreum in plastic bags or plastic containers.

2) Shipping bags and identification tags are provided free of charge to FHA shippers. Please contact your local agent.

3) Parcel Identification: FHA provides a 2 part shipping tag. Attach the large portion to the outside of your parcel and insert the small portion of tag inside the bag. It’s important that both tags are filled out correctly with your name, complete mailing address, phone number, and trapping license number. This information is used to process your fur cheque. On the reverse side state the species and quantities that are in the bag.

4) If you have more than one bag, only state the number of skins which are in each bag. Write your total number of parcels ( 1 of 5 etc.) on the information side of tag.

5) Beavers should be placed in bag flat, fur to fur, leather to leather. Never roll your beaver pelts.

6. Provinces or states have specific laws regarding furbearers. Please check with your local FHA agent or your DNR/MNR officials regarding rules that may affect you.

Special Instructions for US Shippers

1. Due to US Fish and Wildlife rules, trappers cannot ship direct and therefore must ship through one of our receiving agents.

2. CITES Articles (Otter, Bobcat, Lynx): All pelts must be correctly tagged with the CITES tag through the pelt and properly sealed.

3. Please inform your agent of all CITES pelts when shipping. Package CITES pelts separately from your Non-CITES pelts.

4. There is a $2.00 per pelt handling charge for CITES pelts.



Pelt Handling Manual ==> Download Here!



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Posted: September 17, 2016