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Miu Miu Makes the Fur Bathrobe You Deserve



This season, Miu Miu made a furry version of shower slides that have since become a street style staple. Next season, you’ll have a fur bathrobe to match.

The four fluffy coats went down the catwalk with rubber-bottom sandals and flower-print bags; several girls also sported giant bathing caps covered with leather-cut flowers. The soundtrack was by the ‘60s surf punk band Creatures, and the retro spa vibes were palpable, or, as starlet Zoe Deutsch said of her own outfit, “beautiful and a little offbeat.”

That doesn’t mean more tame dressers can’t get in on the fun: Gigi Hadid’s khaki top and baby pink wedges were crazy adorable… even if the teeny black shorts she wore with them seemed destined for a supermodel booty—and nobody else’s.

Fur Industry News - Worldwide
by RB Media Group
Posted: October 6, 2016

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