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Fashion Trends to Try for Fall/Winter 2016


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With the fall season officially underway, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead. From luxe fabrics and feminine details to colorful outerwear and contemporary twists on classic silhouettes, the current fall and winter trends offer a bit of it all—giving you plenty of reasons to add one (or two) new pieces to your seasonal collection.

Wear Anywhere Velvet

Luxurious, glamorous, and undeniably touchable, velvet is the fabric of choice this fall and winter season—and, even better, it’s meant to be worn everywhere. As noted in this Who What Wear article, velvet is no longer the fabric of dark, gothic, and romantic evening-only clothes, but one to be mixed into the most vibrant street styler’s daytime wardrobe. From trouser suits to thigh-high boots, this trend can be found in a shocking array of colors, adding to its versatility and daywear appeal. Pair with metallic accessories for an unexpected (though perfect) contrast.

Statement Fur

While fur has long been a staple of the fall and winter seasons, 2016’s take on the trend is a tad more vibrant. This time around, designers ditched the standard shades of black and brown for a rainbow of hues, ranging from light pink to electric blue and everything in between. Some furs featured an eye-catching monochromatic finish while others combined colors and even boasted pops of prints. Wear the trend in a coat, stole, or—for the more subtle fashionista—a simple fur accent.

Modern Pantsuits

If we’re being honest, hearing the phrase “power suit” doesn’t exactly conjure up images of chic, modern, and stylish working women. Instead, we likely think of the ill-fitting, not-so-flattering pantsuits of the ’80s and ’90s—a bit like the ones seen a video on workplace fashion from The Scene, which are appropriately described as having “masculine features” (arguably not the best look for lady bosses of 2016). Thankfully, designers are out to change all of that this season, giving the pantsuit a major makeover and bringing it back into our office wardrobes. Think sleek, tailored silhouettes, surprising colors and prints, and, most importantly, wearable styles that can easily go from the boardroom to the bar.

Knife Pleated Midi

Feminine and demure, the midi skirt has been a fashion must-have for the past few seasons. And, to further prove its versatility, the midi is back on the top of the trends for the fall and winter, too. As this post from International Business Times points out, depending on the weather in your area, a below-the-knee skirt can easily take you into the winter months when worn with tights and ankle booties. To make the silhouette feel fresh for the new season, opt for one with knife pleats—the subtle design detail will instantly add movement and depth to any look. For an even more of-the-moment take on the midi skirt trend, choose one in a metallic hue.

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Posted: October 19, 2016

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