Fashion Commentary

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Paris, June 5th 2009 PRESS RELEASE


Rewrite the script, sharpen the pencil, erase mistakes Soften the sketch, emphasise the outlines Seize the opportunity, dismiss routine, forget boredom, nurture talents Focus on the essential, restore harmony, capture strength Write on the blank page:


  Invent a new modesty
Monastic and serene concentration
Consenting and deliberate ascetiscm
Find oneself
Perennial elegance

New wisdom
Northern lights, grey walls:
Reflections of lakes and fountains
Colours of stone, glass and concrete


  Make core values the cradle of modernity
Draw inspiration from constructivism and futurism
Plunder heritage to better reinvent it
Forge links, focus on the human aspect: network, layer, tessellate, connect
Mix everyday objects with unique items
Install the machine in the abandoned castle

Complicit colours and materials :
A range of industrial colours punctuated with precious metals
Consensual blues, warming brown, Venetian pink, slate grey, fresco rust, hammered gold


  Between boudoir and gymnasium
Between crinoline and leotard
High voltage energy/lascivious elasticity
Extreme suppleness
Choreographic feats

Cold and carnal range:
Shiny silver, white gold, bluish skin, tender pink, girdle pink


  Rise to the challenge
Rip up the plans
Free up subversion
Do summer in winter
Thumb noses at Design
Provoke optimism
A kitsch and naive mishmash, childish bric-a-brac

Colour daily life:
Memphis influence: Orange, blue-green, grating purple
Folk and sport-chic influence :
Childhood taste: Piggy pink


  At the heart of darkness
Capture powers, charm chimera
Bind nocturnal forces and tame them
Mystical apparitions, the taste of secrecy, nocturnal sensuality
Awaken esotericism, accept the irrational, make the object inaccessible

Black elegance:
Blacks have subtle hints of colour: peacock blue, browned coal, purplish red, blackened tin