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The Fur and Leather Centre: Nothing Like It


Fur coats instantly elevate your style to an untouchable level of elegance. The Fur and Leather Centre understands better than most the inexplicable draw of this instant-status wardrobe item. “Fur is a beautiful thing to the eyes,” The Fur and Leather Centre owner John Hanlon says. “It’s not like most flat textiles. Fur has dimension. It is warm, like nothing else you put on. It has this feel on your skin. One of the things you have to prepare for when wearing fur is that people will want to come and touch you.”

Recent trends have transformed what you see on today’s racks – and these are definitely not your mama’s furs. “Color is hot right now,” Hanlon explains. “So many designers have gotten involved in the last five years and are pushing the bounds and dimensions of fur. The industry is responding by coming up with new technology and processes to add color.”

The classic silhouettes are still a big seller, their timeless designs guaranteed to stay in style. However, fresh takes on throwback designs encourage consumers to think outside the box. “Capes, ponchos, vests, stoles and wraps … that’s what’s really coming back, which is exciting. It’s this cool retro vibe, but they’re also practical,” Hanlon shares. “When a lady goes out, the first thing that gets cold are her shoulders. You’re in a sleeveless dress or strappy gown, and the restaurant is too cold. Put on that stole, and you’ll look phenomenal.”

Hanlon describes many new favorites to be found at The Fur and Leather Centre. One item has already proven to be a showstopper. “I’ve got an elasticized, dyed silver-fox shrug. You can wear it around your shoulders evenly or asymmetrically – or even pull it down to wear as a skirt. I have a customer who is buying one in every color for her daughters and nieces. It’s really striking,” he says.

Furs are guaranteed proper care at the retail salon, where a specialized process cleans while conditioning and moistening the leather to increase suppleness. “If you take care of your fur, you can go through five or six cars before having to replace that coat,” Hanlon promises.

The coat is only the beginning, though. Discover gloves, scarves and even a new hat collection, featuring fresh fashions with reasonable price-points. “Young people are really getting into fur – and that is a promising trend for us,” Hanlon shares. “The Fur and Leather Centre is a fun destination. Ladies come in and try on new looks, take pictures and post it to social media. They all are laughing and having a blast.”

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by RB Media Group
Posted: November 30, 2016