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All European Fur Farms to be Welfare Certified by 2020



Mink industry is making a blow for animal welfare. By 2020, all 4000 European fur farms to be welfare certified.

Fur industry has launched a plan underway to welfare certify all 4000 European fur farms. The Auction house Kopenhagen Fur, will only sell mink and fox skins are certificated by 2020.

It is very important of a comprehensive and uncompromising work by getting into a research-based and independent welfare certification, says John Papsø, chairman of the steering committee for WelFur in the European industry organization Fur Europe, which stands behind the program.

Apparently there's been working on certification since 2009 in the industry. Basically, it is important for Kopenhagen Fur and the Danish mink farmers that animal welfare is top priority on the farms. But it is not enough in itself that this is so. We need to be able to prove it to the world and to those who have a different view, says Jesper Uggerhøj, adm. Director, Kopenhagen Fur.

If the mink farm that has not been certified by 2020, then the farms will be excluded from sales through European auction houses.

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By RB Media Group

Posted: December 18, 2016