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Fur Harvesters Auction Reports – January 2017


FHA’s January 2017 auction results proved to be far better than expected on many articles. This was the largest attendance for a January opener in many years, with several first time buyers from China.

Beaver sold similar to last year’s levels and indication is that item will slowly rise as the season progresses.

Wild mink and otter sold at good levels over last year and again are expected to see increases in March at FHA`s Finland auction. Muskrat offering was valued strongly over May 2016 levels.

The coyote sale was the highlight of the auction selling amazingly strong. Competition was very bullish with the middle class of western and eastern grades advancing well over double last year’s already strong levels. All semi and heavy coyotes will move extremely well all season as the trade is aware of the low production on this popular trim item. Eastern Red fox sold well as it is being sought as a trim item. A small offering of re-consigned sables sold strongly over last year’s marks. Sable sales at the retail coat level were very good this fall and early winter and will see great competition on our premier fresh collection in March FHA`s sale in Finland.


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by RB Media Group
Posted: January 11, 2017