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Kopenhagen Fur Opens Bonded Warehouse in Beijing


People who have bought fur products are normally concerned about its transportation and timing, worrying that it may not arrive on time. But an important factor affecting product quality is raw material. One of the challenges facing the fur industry of an international supply chain is the transportation of raw skins concerning both quality and punctuality, ensuring the consistency of the skin quality.

Kopenhagen Fur officially announced the opening ceremony its bonded warehouse in Beijing as part of its global fur logistics solution, during the Landmark New Year Celebration 2017 held at Beijing Inter Continental Hotel on 13th January 2017. This marks the formal launch of global fur logistics solutions in joint efforts with Damco, the world's leading logistics company under the Maersk Group.

The one-stop innovative solution of combining both logistics and storage is a revolutionary approach to ensure the shipment of raw materials in a safely and efficient manner with low cost and high quality.

The bonded warehouse in Beijing is built according to Kopenhagen Fur's global storage standards of raw skins as well as relevant requirements on domestic storage and quarantine inspection. The warehouse is located in Beijing Yizhuang logistics zone with constant temperature and humidity and equipped with the most advanced facilities. The warehouse has a storage capacity of 1.5 million skins and can handle 5 million skins annually.

In addition to Beijing, Kopenhagen Fur also has bonded warehouses in Hongkong and Tongerpu. This is quite an advantage to manufacturers as they can store their products and take them out in the close distance. Furthermore, there is no need to pay for the goods and taxes in advance to product delivery and customs clearance (different than the traditional airport transportation mode). Skins will be safely kept in cold environment during the whole logistics process.

Source: Kopenhagen Fur


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Posted: January 19, 2017