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'Discovering fur'' Inspiration & Information: Youth path to fur fashion


January 30, 2017 - The workshop ''Discovering fur'' gathered together young fashion and design students for a showcase of the limitless opportunities to use fur in fashion

‘’All young designers need the basic information. If they don’t have it – they will not use fur in the future.’’

This is how Pia Blomström explained the decision behind ‘’Discovering fur’’ – a week-long workshop in Finland organised for students who want some hand-on experience on how to use fur in fashion.

The slogan that inspiration goes hand in hand with information is probably the best way to describe the project, which became a reality after the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association (Profur) and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland decided to work together.

The aim is to promoted fur in fashion and help for raising more awareness and knowledge of the European fur sector amongst young people.

The workshop expanded even further when the Belgium Fur Trade Associations and Belgian school Haute École Francisco Ferrer also got involved.

The joint efforts provided fashion and design students with a week-long journey in the fur world covering the most important parts of the value chain.

Source: Fur Europe


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