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NAFA Auction Reports – February 2017


NAFA’s February Sale Closes with Strong Support of the Global Market


NAFA’s February mink sale completed on a successful note, the trend continued & advancing prices on White and Pastel mink.

White males saw an increase of 5-10% throughout the collection, with larger sizes and shorter naps advancing 10-15% over levels achieved at the most recent international auction. White female mink saw advances of up to 10%.

Pastel males and females saw levels that were firm to up to 10% over NAFA’s June 2016 results on better qualities.

Top Lots

The Top Lot of White Mink — Male was purchased by Georgios Salagiannis for EGO, of Kastoria, Greece. Produced by Zimbal Mink.

The Top Lot of Pastel Mink — Male was purchased by Liaoyang City Ouyasaidi Fur Co., Ltd. for TEP. Fur, of Liaoyang City, China. Produced by Springbrook-Labonte.

The Top Lot of White Mink — Female was purchased by Dengta City Xuanming Garment Factory for Aifusenxue Furs, of China. Produced by Zimbal Mink.


February 13, 2017 - Detailed Sales Results



Feb 11, 2017 - Market Continues Upward Trend


Demi Brown males saw a range of advances between 5-15 % depending on size, nap and quality. Smaller Demi males were firm to +5%, while larger sizes and better qualities advanced 5-10% above recent international levels. More commercial naps saw advances of 10-15%.

Classic naps of Silverblue males and females advanced up to 10%. Better quality males advanced 10-15%, while females saw levels that were 10% over the most recent international auction.

Pearl males and females advanced 5% with levels in more commercial naps rising up 10%. Better quality Pearl females were dominated by Korea at levels that were 15-20% over recent international levels. Some Pearls were withdrawn due to consignor limits.

NAFA’s Can-Am Sable sold 100% under strong competition, achieving levels that were 35-70% over those achieved in 2016, depending on size and quality.


Feb 11, 2017 - Detailed Sales Results



Feb 10, 2017 - Strong Attendance Reverses Market Trend


NAFA’s mink sale started on a full auction room with international buyers hailing from all major markets, including China, Korea, Greece, and Russia. Throughout the day, the packed room saw energetic and highly competitive bidding for NAFA’s first offering of Black NAFA and Mahogany mink.

Greece and Russia were the largest takers of our highly regarded collection of Black NAFA males, which saw price advances between 10-15% above our June 2016 levels. China and Korea competed for better quality shorter nap Black NAFA females, which saw advances of up to 10% over their last sale.

Mahogany males saw support from all markets, advancing up to 10%. Mahogany females went primarily to China and Korea, with better qualities and shorter naps achieving levels up to 10% over recent international levels.

Top Lots

The top lot of Black NAFA — Male was purchased by AIFEIMI FUR, of Tong'erpu, China. Produced by Zimbal Mink.

The top lot of Black NAFA — Female was purchased by BEI’AN CITY MILAN FUR, of Heilongjiang Province, China. Produced by Zimbal Mink.

The top lot of Mahogany Mink — Female was purchased by Hurwitz Exports, Ltd. for MELE 1880, of Napoli, Italia. Produced by Zimbal Mink.


Sales Results



Feb 10, 2017 - Detailed Sales Results




Exceptionally Strong Coyote Sale


NAFA opened its February 2017 auction with one of the largest buyer attendances they have seen for a Coyote sale in the last 10 years.

All major trimming markets competed aggressively and as expected, prices increased sharply for nearly all Western sections. In the Western Coyotes, price advances exceeded the expectations and resulted in the highest averages obtained over the last three years. Better colour Easterns also advanced and commercial sections sold, but did not experience the same price increases.

Throughout the sale, better quality, paler skins were well sought after and Italy, Hong Kong, Canada and mainland China were the main buyers.




Sources: NAFA


International Fur Auction Reports
by RB Media Group
Posted: February 10, 2017

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