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ALC - American Legend, Introduces Digital Catalog



Press Release - Feb 27, 2017
American Legend is pleased to introduce the fur auction industry’s first online catalog featuring digital images of all show lots. This catalog will allow brokers to communicate with their customers in a new way and allow remote viewers the ability to inspect the pelts being offered at auction. The online catalog will eliminate any confusion from auction house descriptions and allow the user to determine if the product being offered fits their particular needs.

The initial version will be offered in English and Chinese languages and will provide current real-time sales results combined with the ability to scroll through the catalogs to view future lots to be offered. This catalog and its images will be available for desktop, tablet, and smart phone use.

In 2009, American Legend launched the industry’s first internet cybercast of its auction which has now become common among all fur auctions. This latest innovation will allow any auction buyer around the world to view high resolution images of show lots 24 hours a day.

Other features of the new multimedia digital catalog include:

  • Live auction hammer price updates
  • List of total quantity available by color, type, and quality
  • Percent of mink left to be offered by type and size calculated during the auction
  • Easy access to list of last 30 lots sold with prices
  • One-button access to live video of the auction

Please note that although every effort has been made to photograph items accurately, ALC cannot guarantee that every computer monitor or mobile device will accurately depict the color and clarity of the show lot. Colors can vary depending on the age, brand, settings and quality of each display monitor. All users should consult their buyer at the auction for confirmation.



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By RB Media Group

Posted: March 1, 2017