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WelFur: The Bridge between Responsible Farming and Fashion


WelFur Around 450 fur farms across Europe had the first ever WelFur assessment visit as part of the implementation of the world's most advance science-based animal welfare programme.

Several months after the implementation of the science-based certification programme WelFur (science-based animal welfare) started, already 450 mink and fox farms had the first ever WelFur assessment visit. The number is hardly a surprise as 77 % of fur breeders in Europe rushed to sign for at least one visit in 2017 as soon as the implementation was announced.

Farmer’s openness to the idea of a certification programme measuring and documenting animal welfare on fur farms is significant. European breeders know that animal welfare on farms is a central part of the sustainable agricultural development of the sector. Animal welfare friendly products are also gaining traction as a compulsory requirement from customers, who prefer a more sustainable fashion style.

Responsible farming and fashion are linked as never before. And whereas national legislation has limits in controlling, a certification programme developed by scientists and based on 30 years of research does way better.

Sources: FurEurope


Fur Industry News World Wide
by RB Media Group
Posted: May 27, 2017

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