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ALC Thanks Saga for Alliance and Hospitality



The June 2017 auction marks the end of the strategic partnership between American Legend Cooperative and SagaFurs. In 2014, ALC and Saga joined forces for the ‘Fur Auctions of the Century,’ which was a great success. ALC has continued selling along side Saga at their auction facility in Helsinki, Finland for the past 4 years. During this time, Saga’s staff has hosted ALC with unparalleled hospitality and professionalism for which ALC is very grateful.

On June 12, Dale Theisen, CEO of ALC presented SagaFurs’ President and CEO, Pertti Fallenius, with a bronze statue entitled “The Mountain Man” by famous American artist, Frederic Remington as a gift of appreciation. The statue, originally cast in 1903, was inspired by the old Iroquois fur trappers who followed the fur companies in the Rocky Mountains in the early and mid 1800s.

ALC will return to selling at their headquarters in Seattle, Washington for the 2018 selling season.

Source: ALC – American Legend


International Fur Auctions
by RB Media Group
Posted: June 17, 2017