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Kopenhagen Fur and Norwegian Fur Breeders Association signed a new agreement on co-operation


On 30 June Kopenhagen Fur and Norwegian Fur Breeders Association signed an agreement on co-operation about selling Norwegian skins - for the benefit of Danish as well as Norwegian farmers.

At the AGM on 1 June, Norwegian Fur Breeders Association decided by a wide majority to enter into a co-operation with Kopenhagen Fur. This means many more Norwegian skins under the hammer in Glostrup.

The agreement was signed at Kopenhagen Fur by Tage Pedersen, Chairman of Danish Fur Breeders Association, CEO Jesper Uggerhøj, and from Norwegian Fur Breeders Association CEO Knut Berg and Bertran Trane Skadsem, Chairman.

-We have chosen to enter into a co-operation with Kopenhagen Fur because we believe it is to the benefit of the Norwegian fur trade. Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest auction house, they are very professional with an excellent marketing and they have shown that they can sell skins. This co-operation will be to the benefit of Danish and Norwegian farmers; it is very important to us and we believe in it, says Bertran Trane Skadsem.

Kopenhagen Fur previously had a co-operation with Norwegian Fur Breeders Association when the Danish farmers were part of Saga Furs in a Scandinavian co-operation, which ended in 2004. Since then, Norwegian Fur Breeders Association has had an agreement with Saga Furs in Helsinki recommending their farmers to sell in Helsinki. Now the Norwegians are back in the Danish auction house.

Sources: Kopenhagen Fur


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by RB Media Group
Posted: July 2, 2017

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