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Farm Attack Results in Thousands of Animal Deaths in USA



On July 17 2017, assailants attacked the Lang Mink Farm in Eden Valley Minnesota, and released approximately 38,000 animals from their pens.

Close to 50 friends, neighbors and concerned citizens showed up to help rescue the animals in the dawn hours following the attack. Mink ranchers from around the Midwest continue to arrive to assist in the rescue efforts.

Thousands of the mink have died, and continue to die, from heat and stress related issues, as well as from dehydration. As domesticated livestock, they are not equipped to live outside the farm environment, where they are fed, watered and cared for daily. They are also very susceptible to wildlife diseases having never been exposed to outside pathogens. The survivors are still suffering from dehydration and psychological trauma and many more will die in the coming weeks. The large majority of the killed animals were still juveniles and many had not yet been weaned from their mothers.

“Anyone who thinks they are helping the animals by doing this are severely misinformed” said Michael Whelan, executive director of the mink farmer’s national trade association Fur Commission USA. “
This is a crime against the animals as much as against the Lang family”.

The incident falls under the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act statute and is being investigated by the Stearns County Sheriff’s office as well as the FBI. Fur Commission USA is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the attack.

Source: http://furcommission.com/


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by RB Media Group
Posted: July 26, 2017