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Fur Harvesters

Brothers Of The Harvest

"Our Logo And Its Meaning"

Each face represents the traditional image of the Native and Non-native Fur Harvester. The Beaver is the hardest and most persistent worker in the world. The Beaver has also been traditionally the backbone of the fur industry. The maple leaf reflects the Canadian heritage of this industry. The two circles that surround the inner images represent the creator. He is within you and around you. They are also connected by small lines that represent our own connection with the Creator. The two circles with the connecting lines also represents a skin that is stretched out, an image well known in the fur industry


"To promote and enhance Canada's oldest land based industry and offer the best possible service and fur products for the benefit of all."

Along with that commitment, FHA's goals and objectives include:

To provide trappers and other fur shippers with a financially sound, professionally managed fur auction house that is a highly competitive alternative to other fur marketing operations.

To provide staff with a safe, clean work place with meaningful work, fair pay, and opportunities for training and development.

To provide the fur industry including fur manufacturers, fur buyers, fur brokers, skin dealers, and retailers, with an opportunity to purchase high quality fur skins and products.

To promote the fur industry, the use of fur products and the conservation and proper management of our renewable furbearer resource.

To liaise with government and other agencies and organizations to effectively and efficiently market fur.