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Kopenhagen Fur opens auction season with strong sale



February 9, 2018: Auction continues!


On the third selling day of Kopenhagen Fur’s February auction 1.2 million mink skins were offered. The sale began with Silverblue and Silverblue Velvet females. The Velvet skins fell 7 per cent compared to the auction in June where similar regular skins were sold. The dollar has weakened 10 per cent since June and therefore measured in USD the price rise approx. 3 per cent.

The day’s largest article were Brown and Brown Velvet females totaling 650,000 skins. The Classic dropped 4 per cent and the Velvet 6 per cent. In USD, the price rose 6 and 4 per cent, respectively.

Prices fell with 7 percent on Mahogany Velvet Females. Thus, prices rose by 3 percent in USD. Later in the auction day White Males and White Velvet Males were offered. White Males obtained a sales percentage of 100 percent and White Velvet Males, which fell 3 percent in DKK and rose 7 percent in USD, also obtained a sales percentage of 100.


Kopenhagen Fur has today begun the auction season 2018 with a minor offering of just over 200,000 mink skins in the types Silverblue and Silverblue Velvet males.


The average skin price rose approx. 2 per cent in USD compared to the auction in June 2017 when Kopenhagen Fur last offered regular skins in these types. Due to the weakened USD the average skin price fell approx. 8 per cent in DKK.

A total of 350 customers are participating in the auction and that is a significantly higher number compared to the February auction 2017 where 250 customers turned up. Buyers from Russia and Turkey have turned up in high numbers supporting the strong sale.

An offering of 25,000 chinchilla skins were sold in a very competitive market with prices going up 20 percent in USD and approx. 10 per cent in DKK. The number of chinchilla skins on offer was record-high.

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by RB Media Group
Posted: February 10, 2018